I had a great time learning French with you! You were a great teacher: very organized, knowledgeable and 

patient with me.

(Julia - Philadelphia, USA)


Je voulais vous dire que je suis très satisfaite du cours et j'espère avoir la possibilité de vous voir dans un futur proche pour encore plus améliorer mon francais.

(Jenny - Stockholm, Suède)


I will just take the oppurtunity to thank you in english, since my french is not that good yet. I can really feel how the lessons with you gave me a very good base for learning an speaking the language! So far all the grammar I was taught at the school is something the two of us already went though at the lessons, and besides, now that I experienced 6 different teachers this week, I appreciate your way of teaching and being very articulate even more. So.. merci beaucoup!

(Elisabeth - Copenhague, Danemark)


Tu ne peux pas savoir à quel point tes cours m’ont aidée, et continuent à m’aider au quotidien en en ce qui concerne les formalités et les phrases que je n’arrête pas d’écrire dans toutes mes correspondances professionnelles!

(Ruth- Birmingham, Angleterre)


Thank you again for the French lessons last week. I found the experience useful.

(Stephen - Angleterre)


I'd like to say thank you for teaching me, I've found it to be a good start to get myself into learning French again

(Amy - Newcastle, Angleterre)

I could not have asked for a better teacher. Thanks you for all your help.  

(Chris - Las Vegas, USA)

Je suis tres contente aussi de avoir te conu. Tu est une profeseure super!! et plus important une alme gentile, tu comprends?

 (Fernanda - Argentine)


Just a note to say thanks for the professional, interesting and very helpful French lessons last week. (Tim - Houston, USA)


Audrey Soto is my fourth French teacher and will surely be my last. After great dissatisfaction with my previous teachers, I pessimistically responded to the many offers for French lessons listed on craigslist, kijiji and FUSAC stating very specific demands. Included was a promise to immediately cancel my lessons should my expectations not be immediately met; she was the only teacher to reply.

Among my demands: that my time not be wasted; that the lessons be organized and progressive; that lots of homework be assigned; and that the lessons would be created especially for me, reflecting my specific needs.

My expectations were met and exceeded. Immediately. As a bonus, completely un-demanded by me, lessons with Audrey are fun, interesting, and she, as a teacher is more than willing to go the extra mile when I have needed help.

Perhaps though, the testimonial of others is more important than my own: For the last three and a half months, I have been, and continue to be, asked with regular frequency, how on earth it is that I have come to speak French so well, so quickly: “Tout simplement, J’ai un très bon professeur.”

I have recommended her to my friends and I confidently recommend her to you.

(Rob - Vancouver, Canada)



I think any student would benefit from taking French lessons with you. You're nice and extremely patient, and I've really enjoyed working with you. Your lessons are interesting and relevant to real life in France, and we go beyond simply doing rote exercises. You think of different ways to present the material that makes it interesting and allows me to apply the information. The best part is that you always teach me how to speak like a native instead of a person who learned French from a book; you note alternative words and phrases that a French person would use. In fact, you've taught me several phrases that I've often heard in France, but have never seen in any of my French books. Our free-form conversation time has been a fun way to practice my conversation skills as well as learn new phrases and vocabulary. I'm always amazed at how you can figure out what I'm trying to say in my broken French and then teach me how to say it like a French person. It's a great way to put my knowledge into practice instead of simply memorizing words and doing grammar exercises.

(Christine - Los Angeles, USA)